Aromais arrive to Mexico.

The National Association of Self-Service Store and Department Store ( ANTAD) are developing the retail trade towards a social market economy. ANTAD are more famous between the European citizens for Alimentaria de Mexico which is being held from March 7 until March 9 in Expo Guadalajara.

Mexico presents interesting business opportunities for Spanish industry. This year, Spain is the third country with more representation at the fair. Aromais, along with other suppliers as Villar, Valor chocolates, are at the stand of “Comercial Hispana” (booth 1840 to 1843). There we will be tasting Spanish Jamón , sausages,…, to be able to explore new opportunities for business and strategic provided the country. We will also exchange information and experience in order to improve our business operations.

At the fair is Mr. Alejandro Muñoz-Rojo, CEO of Aromais ( AromaIbérica Serrana, S.L), able to develop projects that promote the relations between both countries, collaborating in the formation and creation of the commerce retailer.


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