The company I.C Villar are from the province of Soria and have a very strong position in the region of Extremadura, specialist in the cured meat from Iberian pigs and white breed, has been incorporated with a capital increase 20 % as a partner in AromaIbérica Serrana (AROMAIS), meat Industry Company from Balsapintada- MURCIA.

AROMAIS is a family company, specialist in high profit dry cured hams production (total high profit or cured meat hams without bone), strongly connected to the health food concept, through a process that allows to the company obtain products REDUCED IN SALT, and receiving the approved endorsement from The Spanish Heart Fundation. This company also do strong investment by year in R&D&I, getting each year, renew partly its catalogue, offering cutting-edge, healthy and practical solutions for the final consumer, through different channels of sale (Retail – traditional food shops and Horeca).

With resources resulting from the capital increase, the company poses a future in the short – medium term, expansion of its production capacity, change in the system of management of its cellars, from individual control to centralized management room. Also, investment in the development of new products, will be one of the most important strategic axes for the company.

AROMAIS, closed the past exercise with a turnover of more than 8 MM €, foreseeing in its plan of business for 2020, to overcome 15 MM €.

Industrias Carnicas Villar S.A, closed in 2016 with 62 MM €, with a strong growth on the international market (16% of the total sales – 38 countries) and with a turnover in sliced format of more than 33% of the value of their turnover, being present in most of the groups of distribution.

For Villar company, this investment operation is part of a development plan since some time ago and their position in AROMAIS as a partner, will allow in addition to consolidating the volumes that already are making, produced by the previous one, using as support their R&D&I department, to promote new formats including Iberian products with a strong component of innovation.

Both companies are from family origin (Muñoz Family and Villar) and they consider is possible work together to grow up in the same direction coming to compete with other major industrial groups, especially by differentiation and value.