The Confederation of Business Organizations of Cartagena (COEC) on its 40th anniversary presents the 2019 Business Excellence awards. A large part of the business and political fabric of the Region of Murcia attended. It was at the El Batel Congress Center, where it hosted 1500 people last Friday, October 18.

This massive event was marked by the presence of community president Fernando López Miras, president of COEC, Pablo Hernández president of CROEM Jose Mª Albarracín, admiral of Cartagena Aniceto Rosique, mayor of Cartagena, … .. All these awards were enlivened by the Unión Musical Cartagonova orchestra, ending with a cocktail where of course our SuperHam (reduced in salt) and Super Black Ham (Iberian pork ham) hams would be.


Aromais hams, from the Agrifood Sector. Its CEO, Alejandro Muñoz, told those present that “the company is as good as the family that forms it.”

Gregorio Fernández, from Hispano Lusa de Maquinaria, to the Business Trajectory, who thanked his “human team, customers and suppliers”.

In the Services Sector for Grupo Caliche, José María Martínez, dedicated it to his team. «They are responsible for giving us this award».

José Antonio García, Arocam, of the Industry Sector, declared that his company “is the result of the personal improvement of its founders”,

Paloma Jaudenes, from Little Moma, to the Commerce Sector, thanked the city of Cartagena very excitedly for “its commitment to small commerce.”

Juan Alcántara, from STV Gestión, in the Corporate Social Responsibility category, said that «the RSC will always be one of the pillars of STV.

Miguel Miralles, collected the prize awarded to the Roc Doblemar Hotel.

Alfonso Hernández, advisor to David Wine, collected in the name of his son David Hernández Zapata the Entrepreneur Award.

In the Innovation Sector for TKROM-EUPINCA. Jorge Jayo, confessed that the award encourages his company to “continue improving products that do not harm the environment.”

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