Since 1986

In 1986, Muñoz-Rojo brothers, Manuel, Bernardino y Pepe, the second generation of the family, continued with the tradition of curing hams and founded AromaIbérica Serrana, S.L. – AROMAIS –

Situated in the Southeast of Spain, in Cartagena, historically ,the bigger commercial port in the world and devoted to the elaboration of ham since the century 4º B.C ( called then Carthago).

On the hillside of the biggest mountains from the east of the country, the SIERRA OF CARRASCOY, we have the perfect weather conditions for the breeding of pigs, and the curing process of ham in our cellars.

Our greatest value is to use the best raw material:

  • With selection the best pig meat we can get the best Jamón. We use Sea Salt from Mediterranean Sea.
  • None of this will be possible thanks only by the experience of How Know of three generations.
  • Taking care of the small details i show get the perfection.
  • The experience joined the technology us to help make the always ham for today´s consumers.


  • Jamon Serrano e Iberico “ CERTIFICATE”
  • Traditional Guaranteed Speciality (ETG)
  • Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español
  • Reserva and Gran Reserva certification by Jamón Serrano Foundation.
  • Spanish Heart Foundation
  • Organic Certification
  • Quality standards for food safety and adherence to regulations “ IFS”

We have the approval certification to export to more than 30 countries: whole Europe, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Panama, Vietnam…

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Tradition and good customers care
”The hands of a master craftsman more demanding select one to one the best hams in origin. An extensive experience in the election of the best pieces.”Manuel Muñoz Rojo

Manuel Muñoz Rojo

“The exact degree of curing process and the time of salination is necessary to distinguish a good ham from the exceptional one.”Pepe Muñoz Rojo

Pepe Muñoz Rojo

”Our customers are our Friends. A smile to offer a distintive product to demanding persons who can value the quality and good relations.”Benardino Muñoz Rojo

Benardino Muñoz Rojo

”General Manager.”
Alejandro Muñoz Rojo

Alejandro Muñoz Rojo


Professionalism, experiencie and implication.

In the Department of Quality and Food Security of Aromaibérica Serrana, S.L. we take as a fundamental pillar the obtaining of a sure product for our consumers, beside working day after day, together with other Departments, in order that the quality of our different brands reaches the requirements of our clients.

Daily there is kept the System of Management of Food Security realizing sanitary, hygienic and technological controls of all the phases of production, always in order to improve in every stage and to obtain sure, homogeneous products and of high quality.

Throughout these years, Aromaibérica Serrana S.L. has come to:

  • To have, across the Foundation of the Highland Ham, of the stamp of the Traditional Guaranteed Speciality, with which we assure that our hams expire with the schedule of conditions to be authentic Jamones Serranos.
  • To belong to the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español, with the aim to produce a Jamon Serrano exclusive and of high quality for our commercialization on the exterior markets.
  • To overcome the periodic audits demanded to guarantee the genuineness of our Iberian products, and therefore, the fulfillment of the regulation in effect that concerns the above mentioned products.
  • To overcome the periodic audits demanded to be able to export our products to countries extracomunitariosy be included, thus, inside the negotiations of the sanitary agreements between the national Authorities and the third countries.

This is possible thanks to the professionalism of our equipment of Quality, the experience of the equipment of Production and the implication activates of the Direction of the company. All this, clear it is, without forgetting the participation of all the workers of the chain.