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– SuperHam –

The Ham of the Future. The best ham produced respecting the traditional method and using, in turn, the most modern production systems.

It is a ham reduced in salt, recognized by the Spanish Heart Foundation. Also, it is called high performance ham, because the piece is fully used.

The Super Ham offers you a wide range of presentations and / or formats adapted to the needs of all types of consumers.

About us

Creating history


The tradition in the production of hams of our family dates back to 1947. In 1986, the Muñoz-Rojo brothers, second family generation, founded the AromaIbérica Serrana group, following the same philosophy of their predecessors with the artisanal and quality production of ham .

Only by selecting the best material, the best ingredients and a maximum level of control, can we offer the highest quality of our products. We also carry out a piece by piece traceability control from when it enters our facilities until its sale.



Serrano High Performance

A ham with less salt and an exquisite flavor. We achieved with the work of a great team, with patience, perseverance and rest, we achieved a ham reduced by 25% in salt.

Super Black Ham

Ibérico High Performance

It is an Iberian ham, selected for being high oleic and a great infiltration. It is the brother of the SuperHam, reduced in salt and high performance, 50% Iberian bait.

Jamón Ibérico

Bellota 50/75/100%

Cebo 50%

Jamón ibérico is the Spanish product par excellence, one of the most appreciated in our gastronomy. We have all types including 100% D.O. Estremadura.

Jamon Serrano

Traditional or Boneless

It is part of the history and culture of Spain. It is the ham cured with salt and patience that gives us a juicy and spectacular piece. The Romans brought this salting process that has captivated the entire world for its taste, smell and texture.

Jamon Duroc

Tradicional o Paleta

Entre dos mundos, es el punto medio entre jamón serrano e ibérico. Es un jamón serrano pero con un producto más graso e infiltrado, dando unas características específicas de sabor y aroma. Según sea la pareja del cerdo puede ser 50% o 100% duroc

Sliced y Cured Meat

Format that you want

Comfort is at home. The way to always have a bit of Spanish culture in the fridge. Take out, open, it is recommended to wait about 15 minutes and start to taste.


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